John Green says...

"I have been proud to have been taking care of my own financial arrangements for many years but was genuinely surprised at what I didn’t know after taking advice from my wealth management team at Falconer.

Good advice doesn’t come free but once you are able to see how increased returns rapidly overtake the modest costs, you will never look back."

John and Janet Grubb say...

"Our relationship with Falconer started in 1998 with the setting of goals and objectives that suited our personal requirements with a view to taking an early retirement.

This was achieved in 2002 and Falconer has managed our superannuation with an allocated pension which is enabling us to live the lifestyle that we had hoped for in retirement.

Through our bi-annual meetings to discuss and fine-tune our financial position Falconer have also made recommendations on bank accounts and credit cards that have been financially beneficial.

An important aspect of our dealing with Falconer is their ability to communicate with us in terminology we understand and always being available for advice on anything of a financial nature."

Mike Fishburn says...

"Falconer has always and at any time provided solid and friendly advice, reassurance when the market is on the decline and thorough planning for the future during retirement.

The knowledge that there is a competent team with my interests in mind achieving the best result now and in the future is comforting. Thank you Falconer."

Susan and Daniel Feldman say...

"Over the past 5 years we have relied on Robert Falconer and his team to provide us with professional and up to date advice about our financial affairs. This has been particularly important in the dynamic and sometimes uncertain economic conditions of the past few years.

Whether offering us advice about superannuation, investments or family trusts we have always found Robert willing to assist us in any way possible. We particularly appreciate his honesty and directness, and his ability to listen to our opinions and take the time to explain often complex financial concepts to us.

We would highly recommend Robert Falconer and his hard working team to anyone (and we have) who are looking for a financial advisor of his calibre."