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July 18, 2017: TV or Not TV When it Comes to Financial Advice

It seems that whenever one turns on the television or radio or goes online there is yet another supposed financial ‘expert’ offering free pearls of wisdom about all things financial.

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June 19, 2017: Opportunity Knocks for the Well-Prepared

A number of key economic indicators all point to potentially tough times ahead for those who do not have their house in good financial order. How confident are you that you are prepared for what may lie ahead? Seen in isolation, each of these key economic indicators is concerning enough, but when they are all … Continue reading Opportunity Knocks for the Well-Prepared

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May 8, 2017: Super Recap Before Federal Budget

The Federal Budget will be delivered tomorrow night and we are all eagerly waiting to see what is contains and the impacts and opportunities the Budget will present for the world of financial planning. While we wait for the 2017/18 Budget to be handed down, I would like to quickly recap some of our previous … Continue reading Super Recap Before Federal Budget

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March 24, 2017: The NBN and Telstra – are you hooked in ?

The NBN (National Broadband Network) – are you hooked into it yet ? Not yet, but it’s in my street you say ? That is a pretty common answer but one that’s increasingly being talked about. Just ask Telstra! The once market-darling high yield stock that everyone needed in their portfolio has continued to tip … Continue reading The NBN and Telstra – are you hooked in ?

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March 20, 2017: Talking About my Generation . . . and Generation Z

  There once was a time, now seemingly long ago, when people were just . . . people. But then we became Baby Boomers, Gen(eration) X, Gen(eration) Y/Millennials and now we’re talking about Gen(eration) Z. While these labels might strike some of us as a bit odd, they have had the very positive effect of … Continue reading Talking About my Generation . . . and Generation Z

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February 14, 2017: Insurance Bonds – The Super Alternative

While superannuation remains a key component of saving for your retirement, the Federal government’s changes to super mean it is no longer as attractive as it once was. These looming changes, most of which come into effect on 1 July this year, coupled with changes to the Age Pension which came into effect on 1 … Continue reading Insurance Bonds – The Super Alternative

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January 23, 2017: What we are watching in 2017

Towards the end of last year and now into 2017 financial markets have embraced Donald Trump’s election victory, clawing at the hope we’ll see a more moderate and less controversial Trump in power than in pre-election campaign mode. In pure reality, we don’t exactly know what degree or form of Trump’s policies will be passed. … Continue reading What we are watching in 2017

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December 14, 2016: A Super Time of the Year

Well, it took a bit of time getting there, but the Federal government has finally got its changes to superannuation through the parliament. As those who have been following the twists and turns this year will know, the government announced a series of proposed significant changes to super on Budget night on 3 May. While … Continue reading A Super Time of the Year

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