Good Financial advice is both a process and a journey.

Whether you are searching for an adviser for the first time or perhaps looking for an adviser that suits you better, we think you will find that Falconer Advisers will offer you a deep and rewarding advice partnership.

What are the things you value deeply, that your wealth will help you experience?

Our role is to help you define and then achieve your personal financial destiny.

Falconer Advisers specialise in solving our clients financial complexities by utilising our many years of experience, expert strategic planning, risk management and investment knowledge. We will help you make smart decisions regarding your finances.

Our initial client engagement is typically a specific strategic advice project. As we work on a purely fee for advice basis we are very focused on ensuring that you value the outcomes we achieve for you. In fact, if we don’t think we can add value to your situation we will tell you.

Our ongoing services include active investment portfolio management, ongoing strategic advice and administrative support. We provide a professional client care and management service that supports your personal or families’ financial strategy. We will take the complexities out of your finances.

All fees are agreed in advance, so no surprises.

We don’t charge a fee for our initial discovery meetings, giving you the opportunity to get to know us and experience our unique approach to advice without the concern of a fee clock ticking away.

Risk Assessment

Our advisors can help you better understand your risk profile, which leads to better decisions regarding your investment strategies. A risk profile helps you understand how much risk you are willing to take, in order to improve your financial position, therefore which asset classes are most suitable.

In developing your risk profile we discuss with you a number of topics to better understand your particular attitude to investing, your financial knowledge, and your reaction to a variety of economic climates.

Please phone 03 6234 2233 or email us to discuss your Financial Advice needs with an adviser.