Creating wealth is an important part of most people’s life plans. For example it may be to reduce your mortgage quickly or to build your retirement savings.

Falconer Advisers can help you find the most appropriate path to building your wealth. It starts with simple steps –

From there, your adviser develops a strategy specifically suited to your needs.

We then guide you along every step of the journey, in combination with periodic review meetings, to ensure your wealth strategy maintains alignment with your objectives.

Investing – Portfolio Construction and Management services

In designing the most appropriate investment strategy to support the accomplishment of your goals, day-to-day decision making can be a joint effort or can be left up to the expertise of our advisers (Managed Discretionary account).

Our experience and depth of knowledge in investment markets is underpinned by our Falconer Advisers investment committee. The committee is backed by professional research from independent investment research houses and portfolio construction tools.


Given recent changes to Superannuation legislation, it's more important than ever to have a trusted and knowledgeable advisor help you make the most of this investment, while minimising your tax obligations. We can help you navigate this complex financial area with advice on personal super contributions, government co-contributions, salary sacrificing, retirement pensions, franking credits, and other issues.

Gearing – Borrowing to Invest

Gearing allows you to leverage the power of borrowed money to make larger investments than would be possible using solely your own funds. Done well, gearing can lead to greater returns, but done poorly, it can lead to greater losses. We can provide advice on Negative Gearing, Neutral Gearing, and Positive Gearing.

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