financial strategy

- Superannuation and retirement

Setting yourself up for the future

The difference between an adequate or even luxurious retirement and not having enough starts well before you’ve even considered slowing down.

Over half of the Baby Boomer generation are expected to live into their 90’s. A National Seniors research paper (April 2019) found that more than half of retirees worry about outliving their savings. 30% of those surveyed regretted not contributing more to super and another 30% said contributions weren’t possible at the time. The same survey also found those who had actively planned for retirement felt a greater sense of financial security.

Once you stop working, the only source of income you have is what comes from your retirement plan or the aged pension. Given the longevity risk retirees face, it’s critical to make sure that income suits your desired lifestyle and also lasts your lifetime. If you’ve never worked with a financial adviser, or you’re unsure about the advice from your current adviser, it’s important to understand how the experience and expertise of our specialists can make a huge difference to your retirement nest egg.