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Our financial advisers take the time to get to know you, what you value most and the goals you want to achieve, and will complete a thorough financial analysis of your current situation before making any recommendations. We solve your financial complexities by using our many years of experience, strategic planning skills, risk management and investment knowledge to help you make smart decisions about your financial future.

The process starts with a complimentary initial consultation, and if we don’t think we can add value to your current financial situation, we’ll tell you. All costs are agreed upon in advance so there are no surprises. It’s a matter of providing consistent, systematic and proven advice that is specific to your goals.

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     - New beginnings

    Starting out as a small business owner

    The majority of new business owners or young professionals have never spoken to a financial adviser about money, and some don’t even have a business plan.

    Our financial advisers know the right questions to ask when it comes to the complexity of mixing your business or professional goals with building your personal wealth.

    We have the experience to guide you through making the most out of your initial capital investment, helping you determine realistic goals, developing governance tools, growing personal wealth alongside your business’ profitability milestones, ensuring ownership is protected if partners die or are unable to work and referring you to the right professionals when you need it.

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     - Family planning

    Building on your future

    There’s no denying that having a family is a complex and expensive venture.

    Whether juggling work commitments and a reduced income when a baby is born, making decisions about schooling and further education, or adjusting to life as your children leave home and have families of their own, we understand that every family is different.

    Our specialists provide you with their experienced perspective to give you the confidence to make the most out of your wealth, whilst ensuring you are properly insured so that your family is fully protected.

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     - Protecting success

    Executives and professionals

    The time spent building a successful professional career often leaves you less time to focus on our own financial world.

    Vesting share options, higher tax rates, complicated income arrangements, payouts, relocation and international appointments all add complexity to your situation.

    Our advisers are dedicated to working with you to reduce financial stress and surprise, provide structure for the future, help you make informed investment choices and be an unconflicted sounding board for every aspiration you have as your career moves forward.

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     - Investing

    Growing your assets

    Whether you’re starting from scratch, transitioning from selling your business, or you’re a seasoned investor, thoroughly researched risk averse investing is a key metric to creating and maintaining wealth.

    We provide a boutique discretionary investment portfolio service that’s underpinned by our depth of experience in financial markets, knowledge of behavioural risk and background in financial planning.

    The individual portfolios we build with our clients are based on their own risk tendencies and required rates of return, whilst being acutely conscious of input costs, capital preservation and family wealth transfer over the long term.

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     - Superannuation and retirement

    Setting yourself up for the future

    The difference between an adequate or even luxurious retirement and not having enough starts well before you’ve even considered slowing down.

    Over half of the Baby Boomer generation are expected to live into their 90’s. A National Seniors research paper (April 2019) found that more than half of retirees worry about outliving their savings. 30% of those surveyed regretted not contributing more to super and another 30% said contributions weren’t possible at the time. The same survey also found those who had actively planned for retirement felt a greater sense of financial security.

    Once you stop working, the only source of income you have is what comes from your retirement plan or the aged pension. Given the longevity risk retirees face, it’s critical to make sure that income suits your desired lifestyle and also lasts your lifetime. If you’ve never worked with a financial adviser, or you’re unsure about the advice from your current adviser, it’s important to understand how the experience and expertise of our specialists can make a huge difference to your retirement nest egg.

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     - Estate and legacy planning

    Providing for the next generation

    ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) estimates that nearly half of people in the country die without a Will. However, having a valid Will is only one component of ensuring your assets, or perhaps your business interests and personal values are passed through to the following generations effectively and successfully.

    Planning to pass on the wealth that you have worked hard to create is often an emotional exercise in letting go. At the same time, expectations that come with the receipt of an inheritance can be overwhelming for younger generations.

    On top of putting the right structures in place for tax effective, protected and unified wealth transfer, we help you communicate your core values, investment ideology and life experiences. Our objective is to provide governance, guidance and support to ensure your family values and wealth can move forward with future generations, backed by your culture and fully documented processes, providing education to all family members.

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     - Aged care

    Making the right choice for the whole family

    The prospect of entering aged care is a complicated one, and can be a distressing time for all the family. It involves important financial decisions impacting your family home, finding the right facility, your pension, Centrelink assessments and estate planning.

    We provide advice on how to structure your financial assets to achieve the most ideal outcome for yourself, your spouse and family. We take into account your current circumstances, all your objectives as well as any unique requirements when assessing the strategic options available. Often this process falls to family members, but by obtaining specialist advice you will have the information needed for the whole family to make fully informed decisions.

    With our help, preferably early on, an otherwise stressful process becomes much clearer.

Our cost is based on the work we do and the value you get out of it

Personal service

Our advice is not one size fits all. While we do use methods that are proven to deliver results, we also aim to educate you, and the advice you receive is tailored to your unique situation, capabilities and goals.

Value for money

The investment you make by partnering with us is a drop in the ocean compared to the value you receive and the financial gains you’re likely to make. Our cost is based on the work we do for you and the value you get out of it.


Our costs are fair and are agreed upon in advance so there are no nasty surprises. You can use us for a one off service, or choose to partner with us for the long term to maximise your financial success.

"I have been proud to have been taking care of my own financial arrangements for many years but was genuinely surprised at what I didn’t know after taking advice from my wealth management team at Falconer. Good advice doesn’t come free but once you are able to see how increased returns rapidly overtake the modest costs, you will never look back."

John Green

"Over the past 5 years we have relied on Robert Falconer and his team to provide us with professional and up to date advice about our financial affairs. This has been particularly important in the dynamic and sometimes uncertain economic conditions of the past few years. We would highly recommend Robert Falconer and his hard working team to anyone (and we have) who are looking for a financial advisor of his calibre."

Susan and Daniel Feldman

"Falconer has always and at any time provided solid and friendly advice, reassurance when the market is on the decline and thorough planning for the future during retirement. The knowledge that there is a competent team with my interests in mind achieving the best result now and in the future is comforting. Thank you Falconer."

Mike Fishburn

"Our relationship with Falconer started in 1998 with the setting of goals and objectives that suited our personal requirements with a view to taking an early retirement. An important aspect of our dealing with Falconer is their ability to communicate with us in terminology we understand and always being available for advice on anything of a financial nature."

John and Janet Grubb

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