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Expert financial strategies for dynamic business owners

Do you struggle to find the time to plan your financial future while also running your business, often postponing crucial decisions for ‘later’?

In an always-changing world filled with uncertainties, the cost of inaction is not just lost wealth, but also missed opportunities. The complex maze of taxation, investments, and estate planning can leave even the most astute business owners feeling out of their depth.

At Falconer Advisers, we transform financial complexity into your strategic advantage. With a blend of expertise, discretion, and strategic advice, we can help create a blueprint for sustainable wealth for you and your family.

Financial advice for your business and your life

Our comprehensive approach takes into account your business and personal goals, ensuring you get the best outcomes for you and your family.

Taxation advice

We draw on our in-depth knowledge of legislation to improve tax efficiency and recommend the optimal tax structures to support your goals.

Bespoke investment management

Skilled in the art and science of investing and risk analysis, we create and manage bespoke investment portfolios aligned to your required returns.

Family wealth management

Specialists in structuring multi-generational wealth plans, we can take care of estate planning, governance, education, and mentoring for you and your family.

Complex financial planning

Well-versed in managing sophisticated financial structures, we advise on complex situations while accounting for how they might impact your financial position.

Our approach

At Falconer Advisers, we combine our financial expertise with our ability to listen deeply, communicate clearly, and act discretely. We offer bespoke strategies that consider the unique needs of your business and personal situation. Our forward-thinking approach is not just about protection and growth, but also shaping your legacy.

When working with us, you can expect:


Time efficiency – We understand the 24/7 nature of running a business, so we work efficiently to help you work on your financial future without sacrificing your business commitments.


Personalised advice – Our financial strategies are based on a complete picture of your financial life and are designed to help you reach your specific goals.


Trusted partnerships – We work as your financial advice partner and collaborate with other experts, specialists or professionals when necessary, while you continue to focus on your business.


Confident decision-making – Our experienced advisers offer the expertise you need to make informed financial decisions, helping alleviate any concerns about making the right choices.

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