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Unlock the full potential of your wealth today, and for the future.

Strategic financial advice for the proactive high-performer

Have you mastered your profession but struggled to find the time to optimise your financial future?

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and want your financial life to reflect that. But after long days juggling back-to-back meetings and making critical decisions, it’s no surprise financial planning might have slipped down your list of priorities.

At Falconer Advisers, we can craft a financial strategy that honours the dedication you give to your profession. While you continue to spend your time where it’s valued most, we keep working in the background to help maximise the financial rewards of your career, today and in the future.

Comprehensive services to help protect and maximise your wealth

Our strategic approach helps maximise the financial rewards of your career while working towards longer-term goals for you and your family.

Taxation advice

We draw on our in-depth knowledge of legislation to improve tax efficiency and recommend the optimal tax structures to support your goals.

Bespoke investment management

Skilled in the art and science of investing and risk analysis, we create and manage bespoke investment portfolios aligned to your required returns.

Family wealth management

Specialists in structuring multi-generational wealth plans, we can take care of estate planning, governance, education, and mentoring for you and your family.

Complex financial planning

Well-versed in managing sophisticated financial structures, we advise on complex situations while accounting for how they might impact your financial position.

Our approach

At Falconer Advisers, we combine our financial expertise with our ability to listen deeply, cut through complexity, and ensure privacy. Our strategies help shape your financial future while foreseeing and mitigating risks for you and your family.

When working with us, you can expect:


Time efficiency – We understand the demands of senior leadership roles, so we work efficiently to help you plan for your financial future around your work commitments.


Customised advice – Our financial strategies are based on a complete picture of your financial life and are designed to help you reach your specific goals.


Trusted partnerships – We work as your financial advice partner and collaborate with other experts, specialists or professionals when necessary, while you continue to focus on your priorities.


Confident decision-making – Our experienced advisers offer the expertise you need to make informed financial decisions to maximise your wealth.

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