Life transitions

Navigate your shifting financial landscape with confidence.

Financial advice to turn uncertainty into empowerment

Are you going through a life transition and feeling the weight of financial decisions in your hands?

A major shift in your financial situation can be daunting, especially when well-meaning advice from family and friends adds to the confusion. The challenge of managing the financial and emotional impact of events such as divorce, inheritance, or the sale of a business can add to the feelings of uncertainty and cloud your decisions.

At Falconer Advisers, we understand the overwhelm that comes with life transitions and can help you turn confusion into clarity. With our expert guidance and support, we can help you push past uncertainty and make empowered financial decisions.

Customised financial strategies for life’s transitions

Our approach is grounded in support, expertise, and education, so you can achieve peace of mind and control over your financial future.

Bespoke solutions

Our personalised advice caters to the changing financial dynamics that arise during life transitions, helping you make the most of your new financial situation.

Taxation advice

We draw on our in-depth knowledge of legislation to improve tax efficiency and recommend tax structures that best support your goals.

Complex financial planning

Experienced in managing complex financial situations, we provide empathetic support to help you navigate your financial future with confidence and security.

Financial education

If you have concerns or limited financial knowledge, we can simplify complex financial matters while educating and empowering you in the process.

Our approach

At Falconer Advisers, we combine our financial expertise with compassionate support, bespoke strategies, and objective advice. Acting as a compass in the complex world of financial advice, we’ll guide you from uncertainty to empowerment, leaving you feeling in control of your future.

When working with us, you can expect:


Understanding and support – Guided by our empathetic approach, your level of financial literacy and confidence will grow as your wealth does.


Confident decision-making – Our experienced advisers offer the expertise you need to make informed financial decisions, helping alleviate any concerns about managing your financial future effectively.


Customised advice – Our financial strategies are based on a complete picture of your finances and life stage, designed to help you reach your specific goals.


Trusted partnerships – We work as your financial advice partner and collaborate with other experts, specialists or professionals when necessary, while you continue to focus on enjoying your life.

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